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Institutional Facilities

The chapel was built in 1922, but the Romanesque architecture that inspired it dates back to about 1000 AD. It is typical of medieval European Romanesque abbeys with a magnificent rose window on the west end and a grand ceiling framed by trusses with ascending brown arches. In the chapel is a wooden statue of Our Lady, to whom many Scholastican brides have offered their bouquets. A huge pipe organ is played on very special occasions.

At the east end of the chapel in the sisters’ choir section and high above the altar is a new addition, circa December 2005. Three stained glass windows, each eleven feet tall and six feet wide, depict the Trinity, St. Benedict and St. Scholastica. Three interlocking circles which symbolize the Trinity are set above three mounts associated with each Person: Mt. Sinai, the Father; Mt. Calvary, he Son; Mt. Sion, the Holy Spirit. The designer, Don Amorsolo, a grandson of the master, Fernando Amorsolo, achieved a “painterly” effect by instructing Kraut Art Glass, which executed his design, to paint in the glass and fire it instead of using prepared glass in standard colors.

Behind the chapel is the clausura or private living quarters of the sisters.

Like the rest of the school, the chapel was reduced to rubble during the bombing of Manila by the Americans in 1945. It was restored to its original grandeur after the war and reopened on April 12, 1949. The following year, the life sized statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was added to our Lady’s altar.

Found within the St. Cecilia Building is the St. Cecilia’s Hall which has witnessed musicians since the early forties.  St. Cecilia’s Hall has been the venue of the annual St. Cecilia’s concert, graduation recital of the School of Music’s graduates and performances of visiting artists.  It is also used as venue for the programs/activities sponsored by the different student organizations, for theater productions, programs and other activities sponsored by students.  It has a seating capacity of 995.  It likewise can accommodate at any one time two (2) grand pianos, one (1) baby grand, a full orchestra and a 100-voice choir.


St. Cecilia’s Hall Archives (click here)


Located on the first floor of Annex A of the St. Mechtild Building, the Sr. Caridad Barrion Hall is used as venue for meetings, conferences, seminars as well as social functions. The fully airconditioned hall can seat about 120 people and when necessary, can be converted into three small classrooms

The Sr. Odiliana Rohrwaseer Hall Hall is located at the third floor of the new wing of St. Mechtild Building. It is a venue for Instructional multi-media presentations, stage productions and presentations, piano performances, viewing/projection room and at times is used as a Conference Room.  Newly renovated in 2013, it is creatively designed for a small audience (limited to 60 only) to accommodate presentations that need interactive responses.

The Sr. Ehrentrudis Eichenger Hall is located on the fifth floor of the Sta. Maria Building and has been home to institutional events such as seminars, workshops, conferences, stage plays, among others. The fully airconditioned little theater with a seating capacity of 450 is also often used for small assemblies of students. There are conveniently located dressing rooms on both sides of the stage.

Sr. Ehrentrudis Hall (formerly called Little Theater) is a place where big meetings and gatherings take place. Reservation for its use is made through the General Services Office at least one week before the activity. The following rules and regulations should be observed:

1. Smoking, drinking, eating or merely bringing foods or drinks are not allowed at any time inside the Hall.  Standing on the seats or aisles are likewise not allowed.

2. Only free-standing or ready-made props can be brought in on the time and date agreed upon and should be taken out immediately after the performance.

3. Changes in the type of performance to be presented must have the prior approval of concerned school authorities.

4. The General Services Office must be notified if there are any changes in arrangements.

The Sr. Kuniberta Strathmann Hall is located on the third floor of the St. Ottilien Building and has been venue to general assemblies, symposia, lectures, workshops and institutional school activities.  The hall can accommodate 500 people.  It can also serve as a function room for HRM and I-HOTELEIRES related activities.

The Sports Center provides a beautifully designed and fully-equipped facility for athletic programs such as basketball and volleyball.  The Center is open to all students, faculty and staff for group and individual recreation, intramurals, and is the primary facility for indoor athletic events at the College.  The approximately 850 square meters Gym, located on the fourth floor of the St. Ottilien Building, can seat up to 378 people (202 in the upper bleacher and 176 in the lower box).