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Nurturing the Future, Preserving the Legacy: Empowering Education with the Scholastican Legacy Fund

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Our Story

It all began in 1906 in Tondo, Manila, when the foundation of St. Scholastica’s College marked the beginning of a remarkable story. With 58 students, 50 of whom were scholars, this educational institution gradually ascended to become one of the most esteemed colleges in the country.

Throughout its history, the college has nurtured exceptional individuals who have excelled in various professions and fields. Recognized as the School of “Firsts,” St. Scholastica’s College takes pride in its alumni, who include the first woman president of the Philippines, the first woman justice of the Philippine Supreme Court, and even the first woman commercial pilot, among others.

While these achievements are undeniably significant, the true essence of St. Scholastica’s College Manila lies in its commitment to empowering change through education. The college remains steadfast in its mission to provide young women and men from all walks of life with opportunities for learning and growth. Through its Scholarship Programs, deserving students are granted access to an education that not only upholds academic excellence but also instills the values of the Benedictine tradition. This holistic approach ensures that students develop a strong sense of social awareness and responsibility.

As we carry forward the legacy of St. Scholastica’s College, let us continue to empower individuals to become catalysts for change. The Scholasticans, both past and present, have the power to shape the future and tell the enduring story of this remarkable institution.

Scholarship and Grants Offering

  • ACADEMIC & MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS: awarded to students with exemplary performance in academics.
  • NIGHT SECONDARY SCHOOL SENIOR HIGH SCHOLARSHIP: awarded to NSS Grade 10 completers who demonstrated exemplary performance in academics.
  • SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP: awarded to students-athletes who excel both in sports and academics.
  • FINANCIAL GRANT: given to eligible students who seek assistance due to limited financial resources.

How to Donate

Click https://bit.ly/SSCLegacyFundDonationForm  to donate.

Empower tomorrow’s leaders!