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St. Scholastica’s College Manila Scholarships and Grants Office is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for young women and men who have demonstrated commitment to pursuing their studies while upholding high standards of conduct and a heart for service. Its mission is to help deserving students achieve their life goals by supporting their education through financial grants or subsidies that would allow them to pursue and finish their Scholastican education. It also dedicates itself to building a stable scholarship fund that would continuously support its vision of providing accessible Benedictine education for more individuals through creating and building relations with generous alumni and other benefactors, organizing fund-raising activities, and networking with like-minded institutions offering scholarships and grants to dese


The St. Scholastica’s College Manila Scholarships and Grants Office aims to live out the school’s thrust of academic excellence by expanding the group of student scholars in the institution. It seeks to make Benedictine education accessible to more people by providing financial assistance in their academic pursuits, based on merit, performing arts and athletic excellence, and financial needs. It also aims to nurture these young women and men to become transformative leaders of the future.

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General Information

Scholarships and Grants Program and Services

  I. Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship (AS) is awarded to academically excellent students. This scholarship is open to top students of the graduating batch of SSC GS, JHS, and SHS and to the top students of other schools. The recipients are called Academic Scholars. Applications for the academic scholarship are limited depending on the recommendation of the Scholarships and Grants Committee and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Coverage of the Scholarship
100% Tuition Fee from Grades 7-10 for Grade 6 Graduate
100% Tuition Fee from Grades 11-12 for Grade 10 Completer
100% Tuition Fee from 1st Year to 4th Year for SHS Graduates

II. Merit Scholarship

The Merit Scholarship is given to a student of SSC Manila who has exhibited exemplary academic achievement and leadership for one academic year. It is awarded to SSC High School Students who are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in rank among their batch.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in rank are granted 100%, 75%, and 50% discount on tuition fees respectively.
Merit scholars enjoy the scholarship for one year (three continuous terms).

III. Financial Grants
A financial grant is awarded to eligible applicants seeking assistance due to limited financial resources. Awarding of financial assistance is dependent on the confirmation of the applicant’s financial status and condition as assessed by the Scholarships and Grants Officer.

IV. Sports Scholarship (College and High School Units)

A Sports Scholarship is awarded to outstanding student-athletes who have demonstrated sports excellence and leadership in her sports event. The scholarship grant covers 25%, 50%, and 100% discount on tuition fees as recommended by the Institutional Sports Committee.

General Policies and Guidelines for SSC Manila’s Scholarships and Grants

The SSC Manila Scholarships and Grants Program has the following general policies and guidelines for all types of scholarships and grants applicable for all scholars and grantees:

  1. As a general rule, no student may be granted more than one type of scholarship at any given time.
  2. In cases where a student may qualify for more than one type of scholarship given by SSC Manila, the student must choose to avail of only one type of scholarship ( e.g. sports, merit or financial assistance)
  3. A scholar who loses her scholarship will not be awarded the same scholarship or grant.
  4. For all scholars, failure to meet the required grade requirements would mean that, she/he will automatically lose the scholarship, and may not
    re-apply nor be allowed to apply in any of the scholarships offered by the school, unless recommended and approved by the President’s Council.
  5. Shifting to another program, withdrawing a course under her/his program automatically disqualifies one from renewing her/his scholarship. In case a scholar withdraws at the middle of the school year or semester, she/he is obliged to pay the amount that was granted as financial aid before she/he can get a clearance.
  6.  A scholar who does not re-enroll for a school year or semester or files for a leave of absence (LOA) automatically loses her/his scholarship.
  7. Grantees who are required to render service hours but fail to complete the required hours within the prescribed period for their level
    (semestral for College, school year for HS), will be automatically removed from the program.
  8. The awarding of financial grants depends upon the availability of funds and/or slots thus applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  9.  Applications with incomplete documents will not be processed until all requirements have been submitted.
  10. Submission of application form and required documents beyond the set deadline will no longer be accepted unless recommended and approved by the School President.
  11.  Investigation of the grantee’s lifestyle will be conducted from time to time to ensure the validity of financial status that merited the granting
    of the financial assistance.
  12. St. Scholastica’s College Manila reserves the right to modify, amend or withdraw any amount of scholarships, tuition grant/discount due to
    insufficient funds or if a student fails to meet the conditions of the scholarships/grants.
  13. St. Scholastica’s College Manila is under no obligation to grant scholarships or financial aid to any student or individual.