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School Farms & Mini-Forests

Brgy. Bagbag, Tanauan, Batangas


A school farm where stakeholders of SSC learn to care for Mother Earth through disciplined stewardship.


A school farm for ecological awareness and education.

Ten Ecological Principles Practiced in the SSC School Farm and Forest:

  1. We believe in the interconnectedness of creation. We shall further biodiversity among human beings, plants, animals and non- living things.
  2. We respect creation in all its forms. We plant, build and nurture. We resist all forms of ecological destruction such as mining, logging and land, water and air pollution.
  3. We practice organic farming.
  4. We eat food that is good for our health.
  5. We use natural products and avoid plastic and synthetic materials.
  6. We practice the 3 R’s: recycle all the time, rehabilitate when needed and return to Mother Earth what rightly belongs to her.
  7. We do not litter and keep our garbage within manageable proportion.
  8. We practice sustainable consumption – we consume only what we need.
  9. We appreciate the presence of persons, plants and animals in this farm and forest. We cultivate peace and work for healing of wounded creation.
  10. We don’t leave this farm and forest without concrete action for Mother Earth.

That In All Things God May Be Glorified!