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Enrollment and Fees


Dear Scholastican Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Greetings of peace! 

Welcome to school year 2023-2024! We have updated our enrollment guide to reflect the changes and improvements made in our enrollment system. As you read on, you will learn more about enrollment here at St. Scholastica’s College Manila: our enrollment schedule, enrollment policies and procedure, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Please read through until the end, and if you have any questions or point of clarification to make after doing so, we would appreciate hearing from you. You may send us an email at sscregistrar@ssc.edu.ph or call 8567-7686 local 8166/8167.

In the same light, we also welcome your feedback after you have enrolled so that we can further improve our processes. Please feel free to drop us a line through the given email address.

Thank you very much for choosing St. Scholastica’s College Manila for your/your child’s education. We look forward to strengthening our bonds as the school year progresses.

That in all things God may be glorified!


The Institutional Registration Committee 



Enrollment Schedule SY 2023-2024 SSC Manila
Enrollment Contact Numbers SY 2023-2024 SSC Manila


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Registration and Enrollment Policies

Enrollment of students is conducted during registration days indicated in the school calendar approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Department of Education
(DEPED) and disseminated to students by the Registrar’s Office. It may be done online or online and onsite combined, but only during the official registration period. Unless extended, no
enrollment shall be allowed two (2) weeks after the first day of classes.

Once admitted, students enjoy the right to enroll and stay until the end of the term, the academic year, or until graduation. Therefore, except for cases of academic deficiency, violation
of school rules and regulations, or failure to pay school fees, qualified students have the right to stay for the entire period in which they are expected to complete the course in the school,
without prejudice to their right to transfer to other schools within the prescribed period.

The enrollment of students is covered by the following policies:

1. Old students (those currently on active file) shall be allowed to enroll if they have been cleared for enrollment:

  • Grades in all subjects taken the previous semester or school year have been encoded/ submitted by the faculty concerned;
  • Subject/s with prerequisites where a student has earned a W and/ or a failing grade, if relevant, has been replaced by other subjects;
  • All accountabilities with the Business/ Registrar’s/ Student Affairs Office, the Library, and/ or other offices, have been settled; and
  • Academic advising, if required, has been undertaken.

2. New students can only enroll after they have submitted all required admissions credentials.

3. Enrollment of returnees (those who went on a leave of absence) is allowed only after they have filed their application for re-admission which is then subsequently approved by the
relevant Academic Dean or Unit Head, as the case may be.

4. Prior to their enrollment, transferees are required to complete and submit all admission requirements, particularly their Transfer Credentials from the previous school.

Individual assessment forms are available for viewing and printing during the registration period. Observing the registration procedure which include submitting the accomplished Data Privacy Act (DPA) Consent Form and encoding/updating personal information, students are expected to complete their registration within the said period. They are considered officially enrolled only upon payment of tuition and special fees (for onsite payers) or validation of payment made of these fees (for online payers), and as required of those who have taken the installment option, the submission of post-dated checks (PDCs) and the accomplished PDC information slip.

The accomplishment of medical forms is required by the School Clinic after enrollment confirmation. Forms may be downloaded from the enrollment portal. The annual medical
checkup, picture taking for and validation of student IDs will be done following the schedule that will be provided by the Clinic and the Information and Communication Technology Office
respectively, and coursed through the respective units.

On payment or non- payment of school fees:
1. Upon registration, students pay for part or for all the required tuition and other fees for the semester (for College and Graduate School) or school year (for Grade School and High
School). When students register, it is understood that they are enrolling for the entire semester or school year depending on their level.

2. Penalty for withdrawal of enrollment:

  • Before the opening of classes…………..PHP2,000.00
  • Within the FIRST week of classes……..10% of total school fees
  • Within the SECOND week of classes…20% of total school fees
  • AFTER the second week of classes……100% of total school fees

3. Grantees/Scholars with partial discounts may pay their fees in full or by installment with the required PDCs.

4. One-time payment of $500 will be charged to foreign students on their first year. This may be paid in peso currency applying the prevailing rate advised by the Business Office

5. The report card, official and unofficial transcript of records will not be released to students with outstanding accounts.

On class size and checking of attendance:
1. First Come, First Served Policy

  • General Education classes in College allow a maximum number of 35/40 students per class. If a block/section is small, it may be combined with another to form a class or
    may be joined by students from another section/level who need to take the same subject. Because of this, a student who does not enroll on schedule is not guaranteed
    a slot and may have to attend the subject with another section or in the next semester.
  • Once a class has reached its maximum number of enrollees, this will be considered CLOSED. Late enrollees may not be accommodated.

Checking of Attendance Begins on the First Day of Classes

  • Only those who are officially enrolled will be allowed to attend classes.
  • All those who do not attend on the first day of classes will already be marked ABSENT.

Reference: St. Scholastica’s College Manila Registrar’s Office Manual of Operations