2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila





Institutional Admin

Sr. Mary Frances Dizon, OSB


Sr. M. Christine Pinto, OSB 

VP for Administrative Affairs/ In-Charge of Safety & Security /Front Desk Supervisor 

Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB

VP for External Affairs / IWS Director

Dr. Virginia Fornias

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sr. Andrea Ecito, OSB

Vice President for Finance

Dr. Richard Pulmones

Institutional Quality Assurance Office Director

Mr. Rholeo Virata

Institutional Planning Officer

Sr. Bernadette Asuncion, OSB

Institutional Campus Ministry Office Head

Ms. Rebecca Marquez

Institutional Social Action Center Director



Admin Cluster

Ms. Maria Cecilia Dakis, RGC

Human Resource Development Manager

Mr. Andrew Ambubuyog

Information & Communication Technology Manager

Sr. Judith Diaz, OSB

Administrative and General Services Office Manager

Sr. M. Christine Pinto, OSB

In-charge, Safety and Security

Acad Cluster

Ms. Anna Cecilia Alvarez

Admissions Officer

Ms. Ellen Catherine Carbon

Registrar & Grants Officer

Dr. Corazon Pejo

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Elisa Bernadette Limson

Institutional Research and Academic Development Director

Dr. Teodora Salubayba

Institutional Statistics and Evaluation Center Director

Finance Cluster

Mr. Edcil Cloma

Chief Accountant / Accounting Manager

Sr. Noella Montiel, OSB

Non-Core Business Manager
(Bookstore, Food Services, Satellite Business Office in Friedenshaus)

Unit Heads

Dr. Maria Victoria Trinidad

Graduate School Dean

Sr. Rosario Obiniana, OSB

College Dean

Dr. Rebecca Cacho

Senior High School Principal

Sr. Rosario Obiniana, OSB

Night Secondary School (NSS) Principal

Ms. Jonna Marie Lim

Junior High School Principal

Sr. Regina David, OSB

Grade School Principal


Under the supervision of the President:
Institutional Sports Committee
Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Central Budget Committee

Under the supervision of the VP for Academic Affairs:
Committee on Institutional Activities (CIA)
Health and Food Safety Committee

Under the supervision of the VP for Administrative Affairs:
Cost-Savers and Green Advocates Committee