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World Disco Soup Day Manila 2019

May 27,2019

Food wastage is a social issue that is being experienced all over the globe and it is becoming more serious as time goes by. However, Slow Food Youth Network, an international organization started a movement against food wastage which is celebrated around the world. It is called the World Disco Soup Day and luckily, St. Scholastica’s College, Manila hosted this year’s event here in the Philippines!

Youth activists from different universities and colleges were invited to join this event. Student volunteers helped in the food preparation for the soup and other simple dishes that were shared with our chosen community. While the students prepare in the kitchen, seminars and interactive sessions were happening simultaneously in different venues on the campus. RARE Philippines and Balangay’s Best shared with us everything about sustainable fishing; ‘slow fish’ and also some meal preparations wherein local ingredients were used.  Then there was a seminar on Solid Waste Management and Urban Gardening. There was also planting activity sponsored by MNL Growkits.

After all the seminars, was the program proper. The most awaited part of the event, the disco party! During the program, the admins of St. Scholastica’s College, Manila shared how grateful and heartwarming this event was. There was also a symbolical turnover of the event to the next host, FEU Manila, for the World Disco Soup Day 2020. A band, named ENR, serenaded the guests while the food was being served. Singing and dancing took place to top off the international event.

Events like this serve as an eye opener to everyone especially the youth. Being able to participate in this kind of event will help youth activists and volunteers to encourage others to fill bellies instead of bins! If we all help hand in hand to fight against food wastage, anything is possible!


Written by: Trisha Denise E. Erni (BSHM 116A)