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VPAA launches 6th Institutional Faculty Exhibit 2018

February 15,2018

As a simple way of giving honor to SSC institutional educators, the Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs launched its 6th Institutional Faculty Exhibit in 30 January 2018 at the Amrhein Gallery. 

For this year, the faculty exhibit features with pride and gratitude SSC teachers who 1) shared their gifts and time in the completion of the Institutional Restorative Discipline Manual; 2) have demonstrated exemplary performance in SY 2016-2017 based on the year-end Teaching Efficiency Rating; and 3) made significant contribution in the academe through research works;  

Led by SSC President Sr. Mary Frances Dizon OSB and assisted by VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Virginia R. Fornias and VP for Administrative Affairs Sr. M. Christine Pinto OSB, the faculty awardees were given certificates and tokens of appreciation for their hard work and contribution.  The faculty who are recognized this year are:

Proponent-Author of the Institutional Restorative Discipline Manual:

1.   Dr. Virginia R. Fornias, VP for Academic Affairs – Committee Chair

2.   Ms Diosdada Lingad, GS Coordinator for Student Formation and Services

3.   Ms Risalina Ubas, GS Guidance Counselor

4.   Ms AJ Hope Caparas, JHS Coordinator for Student Formation

5.   Ms Josephine Bargas, JHS Guidance Counselor

6.   Dr. Rebecca Cacho, SHS Principal

7.   Ms Christine Negado, SHS Coordinator for Student Formation

8.   Prof. Rebecca Marquez, Institutional Social Action Director

9.   Prof. Mae Rafanan, Dean of Student Affairs of the College Unit

10.  Ms Cecilia Dakis, Human Resources and Development Manager

Exemplary Faculty Performance in SY 2016-2017:

1.   Mr. Eduardo Baylon – Grade School Unit

2.   Ms. Maria Rosario Prado – Grade School Uni

3.   Ms. Remedios Almario – Grade School Unit

4.   Mr. Ferdinand Japon – Junior High School Unit

5.   Mr. Cezar Brian Madridejos – Junior High School Unit

6.   Ms. Margarette Kean Villarin – Junior High School Unit

7.   Prof. Nelia Mitra – Senior High School Unit

8.   Prof. Amado Salazar – Senior High School Unit

9.   Prof. Greg Josue Zuniega – Senior High School Unit

10.  Prof. Marina Merida – College Unit

11.  Dr. Carmelita Usog – College Unit


1.   Ms. Maria Cynthia Aquino

2.   Ms. Goldine Ramoso

3.   Ms. Marla Lomuntad

4.   Ms. Sheryl Sombilon

5.   Mr. Carlo Romero

6.   Ms. Sharon Joy Castroñero

7.   Ms. Elen Joy Alata

8.   Mr. Cornelio Javier

9.   Dr. El Mithra Delacruz

10.   Prof. Juliana Moonette Manrique

11.   Dr. Ralph Sabio

12.   Prof. Ronaldo Quiambao

13.   Dr. Roberto C. Dacanay

14.   Prof. Nide Marie Bombay

15.   Prof. Rholeo Virata

16.   Sr. Mary Frances Dizon, OSB

17.   Sr. M. Christine Pinto, OSB

18.   Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB


The whole community is proud to have these talented co-educators in the institution and as we learn from their works, we remember that they are the source of our talents.  Their commitment to academic excellence is once again showcased in this event. We continue to laud the likes of them.