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Video Game Art Design with Mr. Jeremiah Torrevillas

October 22,2015

gameartThe Philippine Graphics and Animation Society conducted a seminar about Video Game Art Design by the invited guest speaker Mr. Jeremiah Torrevillas on 10th of October. He is a Lead Artist at Nexus Pixels and made all the characters at the game known as Pacifica. He discussed the Principles of Design, and the elements in making one Video Game Design. He drew Doraemon, a Japanese cartoon character but with a twist, in Adobe Photoshop. He drew a salakot, bayong, barong, and red handkerchief wrapped around the character’s neck. After fixing what he drew, he transferred the drawing to software called “Blender”, 3D software. He copied what he drew in the Blender used shapes as basis of the cartoon. After he was done with the head, body, hands, feet, and the Filipino visuals, he transferred the face to the 3D circle shape suddenly looked like the one that he drew. He did the same thing with the other parts. And he also explained to us how he can move Doraemon from a relaxed position into walking position. After he was done with the 3D demonstration, he answered some questions and a student asked how to add some effects, he used another shape, a cube, then he put a rectangle above it, and he clicked something called “collision”, hit play and the rectangle was suddenly dropped into the cube. Imagine a cloth being dropped into a chair was so realistic. What an amazing talk with Mr. Jeremiah; we hope to have a more advanced seminar in the future with him.