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True Life in God Philippines Proudly Presents: Guadalupe The Musical

October 12,2018

Since 1986, Vassula Ryden, a Greek Orthodox Christian, has been receiving messages from Our Lord.  These beautiful texts, which have been translated into 40 languages, are tasked with achieving Christian Unity, aside from speaking of God’s amazing, faithful Love for man.  “orthodox! catholics! protestants! you all belong to Me!….” [TLIG messages October 27, 1987][with nihil obstat & imprimatur]

The members of True Life in God (TLIG) Philippines together with its feeding arm Beth Myriam, spread the messages through prayer meetings, prison visits, and missions throughout the country.

Each mission sends out four or more evangelists and dedicated youth to a depressed area, to teach the TLIG rosary and distribute prayer guides and TLIG message books in the dialect.  The participants are fed, and receive rice and food supplies in memory of the Flight to Egypt, when the Holy Family had been fed, laundered and sheltered by families along the way.

In order to raise funds for these expeditions, as well as for printing and distributing Message books and Prayer Guides, TLIG Philippines sponsors “Guadalupe the Musical.” at 8 PM on Saturday October 13, 2018 at the  Meralco Theater.

For that night, a representative from the Mexican Embassy will open the show by speaking on how Our Lady of Guadalupe had been instrumental in uniting the fragmented Mexican people of that time. And finally: with a cast of talents directed by Baby Barredo, choreography by the Julie & Rose Borromeo Dance Studio, Joel Trinidad as scriptwriter and Ejay Yatco as composer, TLIG Philippines is confident that your night with “Guadalupe the Musical” will be something of a theater-goer’s dream..


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