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The Philippines on a Plate

January 7,2019

The Philippines on a Plate is a Filipino food workshop showcasing known Filipino farmers, culinary historians, chefs and gastronomic experts in our local food industry. The workshop presented various delectable cuisine and how we can preserve and influence local food cultivation.

Organized by Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement and Slow Food Youth Network in partnership with SSC last November 24, 2018, the event was held at Speisesaal, Friedenshaus Hotel School of St. Scholastica’s College, Manila.   This event was also made possible by the sponsorship of MNL Growkits, Kalinga Heirloom, Theo & Philo – Artisan, Chocolates, Seeds and Fruits, Multipurpose Cooperative, Balangay’s Best Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc., Siglo: Modern Filipino, Explora Ph, Pamora Farm, DowntoEarth, Teraoka Farms, F&B Report, and Lucciole Commune

This 8-hour workshop was packed with informative topics and interactive activities. The first part was a conference where the vision of educating and preserving Filipino culinary heritage and tradition was highlighted by the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement.   Various speakers shared their expertise in their crafts such as Reena Francisco of Slow Food Manila who presented “Filipinos Embracing Slow Food”, Clang Garcia of Jeepney Tours who presented “Preserving Filipino Food Culture Tourism”, Ige Ramos of the Culinary Historians of the Philippines who presented “Evolution of Philippine Cuisine and Gastronomy” and Carlo Sumaoang of MNL Growkits who presented “Growing your own food”. The 2nd part was the taste workshop which was a collaboration dinner with chef and food advocates featuring selected food produce. This featured dishes, desserts, and drinks prepared by Chefs such as Chris De Jesus of Provenciano, Nino Laus of Agimat, Jac Laudico of Guevarrra’s and Patrick Go of Black Sheep fame.

The event had a successful turn out. Attended by industry guest, students, faculty members, and administrators, it indeed became an eye-opener and brought awareness to the attendees about our local food and sustainable produce from the farmers. The students were able to engage more on the event and were given an opportunity to work side by side with some of the well-known chefs and experts from our local food industry.

By Mariella Pauline Cailles, 416A