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The First Step

June 10,2014

In this very modernized world, everything has to be done the easiest way possible. We are given the chance to learn different topics without stepping in a classroom, purchase our everyday needs through a tiny, unrealistic shopping cart, order a meal and even get it delivered to our houses with just a phone call, and helping a hungry and dying kid by just liking a photo. All these things were made possible by technology. And as an accepted general fact, even showing compassion towards others with just a like or a share is humane enough in this society.

When we come to think about it, liking a photo of a hungry child would not send even a peso from your wallet to his hand. Nor would sharing a photo of an abandoned elderly send a hug or some company. Reaching out has been terribly modernized, and its true essence has been hidden in the deep confines of this world. If you think the only task at hand is to stop sharing or liking these photos, or even deleting our own accounts, then we have not found the cure to our modernizing hearts.

It is not about giving because we are required to. It is not about sharing our time because it will keep us human enough. These unfortunate people are not asking us to sacrifice our own lives for them. They are not even asking for the useless things that modern people want. These people are simply looking for tender hearts that would at least give them the most important thing they need, which is to be loved. We have lost the true meaning of reaching out. All this time, it has always been about feeding them so that they would survive. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most of these people need some company, a friend, a mother, a father, a brother or a sister.

Thinking about it, we actually lost the will to start new things. We lost the volunteer inside of us just because it is not popular enough. This is why last June 4-6, as part of the Tanggapan ng Kalinga Outreach Student Core, we had our Leadership Training Seminar at the St. Scho Farm in San Fernando Pampanga. The Seminar focused on how to bring back the Scholastican Volunteerism that was once lost. The 3-day seminar strengthened us individuals to come out proud as volunteers. We were given the chance to know ourselves through the getting to know you activity, the chance to strengthen our team’s ties through the group activities, and to envision the year by creating our goals. We, ourselves, reviewed what reaching out really is. We also discussed projects that we think would really bring back the volunteer inside of us.

As the TK Core, we are tasked to ignite the hearts of the Scholastican community so that the sense of volunteerism that used to be alive will come out even stronger this time. It is never too late to bring back the good things we used to have. The spark of volunteerism is still in us. The challenge is to let that spark shine, and to take the risk of the first step. I have risked my first step, When do you plan to risk yours? 

By: Kelcey Roche I. Palileo
High Outreach Student Coordinator