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The Clash of the Junior Einsteins

March 25,2015

Early in the morning of February 26, 2015, the first thought that popped into my head was, “What would I be doing as a Clan Elder?” A Clan Elder is a leader for the Clash of the Junior Einsteins Competition, the Grade Five’s activity for the Math Week. It’s inspired by the popular game Clash of Clans, and it’s a trail of different activities going from easy to difficult. The first round was Attack Strategy, next was Army Camp, and last was Clan War.

The members of Eureka, the special club in Math, helped in conducting the activity in Mother Ferdinanda Court. We set up the tables and prepared the sign posts. We helped the groups from the different sections by giving questions, timing the answers, correcting their work, placing stamps, and signing their booklets when they finished each round. It was nice to have a special role during the Math Week. Knowing all the answers because I had the answer key in my hands was nice because I got to study how the solution works.

The Math Week was an amazing experience. My classmate Holly Rosales said, “There were a lot of activities and trivia. Even though our group did not win, at least we had an exciting Math Week. We had fun learning Math.” Another classmate, Erin Legaspi said, “It was fun because we were able to answer the questions with a little support, because our friends were there.” My classmate Janella Burgos agreed, saying “It was fun, and you really had to think.”

By: Shaina Lim
Student, Grade 5 St. Ehrentrudis