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The Amazing Greek Race

February 15,2014

11- The Amazingly Amazing Greek Race a

The Amazing Greek Race happened last November 26, 2013. The Grade 4 family was excited and thrilled. We all knew it would be special, because it was the Grade 4’s contribution to the SSC Grade School’s annual Book Week celebration. We all felt proud of our Greek costumes and we all took part in the games. The games would allow us to show responsibility, teamwork, discipline and humility, aside from showing our love for literature!

  The games were Medusa’s Lair, Blow the Ship to Ithaca, Atalanta’s Three Golden Apples, Pandora’s Treasure Chest, and Artemis’s Hunting. “Let the games begin!” Mrs. Gomez, our head teacher said after she discussed the rules of the race to everyone gathered around in the Mo. Ferdinanda Covered Court.

 Medusa’s Lair was a very difficult game. You had to go through obstacles while walking backwards using a mirror. Perseus held a shield, using it as a mirror, while walking backwards to cut off the head of Medusa. You cannot look at Medusa straight in the eye or you’ll turn to stone.

 Blow the Ship to Ithaca which was terribly difficult. You had to blow on a piece of paper with a ship printed on it. Ithaca is a place in Greek mythology mentioned in the Odyssey.

 In Pandora’s Treasure Chest, there was a big board covered in manila paper. Below it was a chest with words printed on paper. The blindfolded players had to pick a word, walk around a bit, and thumbtack the words on the board, one by one. Pandora had a chest given by Zeus, and inside it were bad things like anger, sorrow, and fear. Underneath all these was hope. Pandora knew that those bad things were given to man as punishment, but that there was always hope.

 For Atalanta’s Three Golden Apples, each player would run with golden apples hung around their necks. They had to pass through a small hoop, walk on a narrow bridge, and mold some clay to form part of a sculpture. Then you had to pass the apples to the next player so you could complete the form. Atalanta was the fastest runner in Greek mythology. A man had to beat her in a race so he could marry her. Hippomenes, a young man, dared to race with Atalanta. He asked help from Aphrodite and she gave him three golden apples. During the race, he threw it on Atalanta’s path and she could not resist them. She picked each one and Hippomenes won the race.

 Lastly, in Artemis’s Hunting, each player has to ride a horse (a stick) and shoot an arrow to the field. Artemis was a brave hunter who loved archery.

The results of the game were:
1st – St. Bernard (1:39 pm)
2nd – St. Bede (1:40 pm)
3rd – St. Anselm (1:41 pm)
4th – St. Maurus (1:42 pm)
5th – St. Placid (1:43 pm)

 We had sportsmanship in us. We knew that enjoying the game was the best prize.

By Shaina Lim and Anika Pertudo, 4-St. Anselm