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Testimonials from Kulasa e-LaCe Students

October 2,2014

Elace Testimonials 2Conversational English
By: Carmina Therese B. Jiro BSA 205A

The e-LaCe program has helped me in enhancing my communication skills. It also assisted me in evaluating my weaknesses and strengths in conversational speaking which then led me to focus on the skills in which I must improve. This program is safe and convenient for me because it is within the school campus. The classroom is well-ventilated, with comfortable tables and chairs. I am also glad that Professor Quiao is my mentor in this program because she provided concrete examples or situations while teaching, which are very related with my life.


Elace Testimonials 1Conversational English
By: Patricia Dwayne Caseñas 106B

e-Lace is a program offered by St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, which utilizes discussion and practice activies as teaching and learning strategies to develop fluency and accuracy in speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. It is one of the activities that I look forward to every Monday afternoon. With the sessions we had, I’ve learned a lot of things especially about the course I took which was Conversational English I really enjoyed the activities we had like chit-chatting or telling the things I did over the weekend, having lessons, reading articles related to our topic, and answering some vocabulary exercises. I find all the activities we had very useful in my everyday life especially when I converse with my family, friends, and sometimes, with our professors. It has been a privilege to be part of the e-LaCe program because it has helped me develop my self-confidence and self-esteem in my speaking ability.