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Tanggapan ng Kalinga sponsors Kulandungan Session

October 8,2014

Last July 25, 2014, the Tanggapan ng Kalinga sponsored a Kulandungan session at the Sr.Ehrentrudis Hall or Little Theater located at St.Scholastica’s College Manila. The theme for the Kulandungan session was Youth Volunteerism, which targeted the high school freshmen.

A well-known science teacher, Mr. Armand Galicia, was the guest speaker for the said event. Sir Galicia is from Albay. His inspiration for reaching out to others is Jesus Christ. He began volunteering when he was in high school for his hometown always experiences the wrath of typhoons. He volunteered because he wanted to assist others for he had also experienced difficulty and adversity in the past.

Mr. Galicia started with a very lively greeting to what he calls the most “youngest” and “liveliest” batch in the unit, the Grade 7 freshmen. He defined what holy meant to him and in his words, being holy is a way to be Jesus to someone else. As everyone knows, Mr.Galicia is known to be one of the handsome teachers of the highschool unit. He knows that he is “P.O.G.I.”, meaning that he has the Presence Of God Inside.

Sir asked the crowd “When was the last time you looked at the mirror and it took your breath away?” He said each time a person looks at her reflection, the first thing she sees are flaws and imperfections, never appreciating the unique beauty that each individual posses. He added that according to Ephesians 2:10, we are God’s masterpiece. And he reminded each and everyone that all of us are created in God’s likeness, that we are God’s walking miracle.

Once, a group of people rode a boat. Then suddenly, a violent storm came. The people inside the boat were terrified of what would happen next. Then suddenly they saw someone, they saw JC Who in fact is JC? J. is Jesus Christ. The people were amazed for JC was walking on the water. JC said, “Do not be afraid, come”. Simon Peter hesitated at first, but then he went down to JC. He went down because he wanted to volunteer. The speaker told this story because he wanted to share to the freshmen that in order to be committed to something, a person must be willing to step out of their comfort zone or safe zone. The magic never happens in your comfort zone, the magic happens beyond it only if you are committed to break free from your comfort zone. Always keep in mind that life begins with the end of your comfort zone.

After the story we watched a video clip of Nick Vujicic, a famous motivational speaker who was born without limbs. Despite his condition, he still managed to achieve so much. In his video he shared his experience. By far, this is one of the striking lines of his talk. “Don’t lose hope. If I fail and give up, nothing happens. It doesn’t matter how you do it, you will find the strength to get back up. Because all it matters is how you finish off. We fall so we can pick ourselves up. It doesn’t matter how we start, just how we end it strong.”

At different points of our lives, we cared for someone more than ourselves. Despite shortcomings, troubles and the like you selflessly became a hero to someone. Each and every one of us is God’s masterpiece, so we must help and be committed to serving others. So get out of your comfort zone, then lead and serve others! Mr. Galicia declared today, July 25, as generosity day. Which aims to do the following things: serve; give more; grow more. The last question a student raised was “Do you plan to volunteer all your life?” Sir Galicia’s answer was “ Yes! I would do it my entire life.” I hope more Scholasticans would follow Mr. Galicia’s footsteps and serve others fervently and wholeheartedly. 

By: Kristel Alagar
(TK Student Core member SY 2014-2015)