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Talk on crime awareness and self-protection enlightens Scholasticans

January 6,2020

The HS unit held a talk on crime awareness and self-protection which taught Scholasticans from Grades 10-12 how to handle potentially dangerous situations last October 23 at the Sr. Kuniberta Hall.

Mr. Joseph Arnaldo, a member of the Rapid Response Combative Solutions, was the event’s guest speaker. He said that real-life crimes are brutal and that the youth needs to know how to respond to such acts. 

According to Mr. Arnaldo, crime rates in the Philippines are rapidly increasing each year. In his presentation, he showed images of people who have been victims of crimes like theft and homicide. Mr. Arnaldo also gave the students advice on how to act given certain scenarios. He shared the common techniques robbers and kidnappers use to conduct their crimes. He then demonstrated together with his members the safety measures any victim can perform if one is caught by kidnappers, stuck during robberies, or faced with weapons. 

Mr. Arnaldo believed that security against threats is present to safeguard one’s well-being. He said that there is always a possibility that the victim will have no one to help them, and that is why crime awareness is crucial. People must be aware of their surroundings and react to unexpected situations accordingly.

“Criminalities in real life are brutal,” Mr. Arnaldo reminded the students. 

A certificate was given to Mr. Joseph Arnaldo at the end of the talk for teaching Scholasticans the importance of safety and the reality of criminal activity in the Philippines.

 By Janella Ellyse C. Burgos