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Student Council establishes THE BUZZ

December 9,2015


Last July 2015, the Student Council (SC) re-launched during the Morning Praise The Buzz, a year-long quiz bee among students that has been ongoing since 2011. In this project, a question is read out every Tuesday over the public announcement (PA) system. These questions aim not only to foster  the awareness of the student body on current events and other  trivial information about the world but also to guide young minds in formulating opinions and ideas about controversial news. Students from all levels are encouraged to participate by writing their answer on a ¼ sheet of paper, together with their name, grade level and section, and dropping their entries in the box located beside room 203, formerly known as the Music Extension Room (MER). To ensure that students’ involvement in the project does not wane as the school year progresses, the SC incentivizes the class which merits the most number of correct answers within a semester.