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Strengthening faith and bond with rosaries at hand

January 21,2016

In order to commemorate October being the month of rosary, as well as to provide spiritual assistance to those who will take the CPA Board Examination, the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) together with the Christian Community Development (CCD) created and distributed free rosaries last 9th of October 2015.

Members of the JPIA and CCD Executive Board worked hand-in-hand in the preparation of the rosaries to be distributed while students of the Night Secondary School (NSS) helped by making pouches that will house the rosaries. Prayer booklets were also inserted inside so as to fully aid the recipient in their spiritual growth.

The rosaries were then distributed by the JPIA and CCD Executive Board as well as some students of the NSS in front of the chapel and members of the faculty and staff, students and even parents were able to receive free rosaries.

JPIA members and CPA Board Examinees also received free rosaries from the said activity.

By: Pia Angela Elemos