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SSC Upsilon Mu Gamma Holds First-Ever “Math-ery Manila”

April 3,2019

HS Mathery ManilaWith the goal of engaging Scholasticans by solving math problems and applying teamwork, Upsilon Mu Gamma held the first-ever “Math-ery Manila” last March 12-16 during the school’s celebration of Math Week.

“Math-ery Manila” aims to incorporate mathematics skills in physical activities through solving a series of puzzles and riddles. It was inspired by a local escape room concept that set the trend and was visited by young individuals called “Mystery Manila.” With the help of the Mathematics teachers, the club officers, and members and ensured that the participants enjoyed solving problems through adventure, and made sure to exercise their critical thinking and analytical skills.

The whole concept of Math-ery Manila started with the development of a theme where the main problem will revolve on. The theme should entail the primary objectives of incorporating a mathematical concept to a given scenario. The themes were horror, adventure, and crime. The activity consisted of single rooms, specifically AVR A, AVR B, and Room 208, respectively. The participants were given a time limit to unveil the plot and to solve the problem tackled. Those who were able to solve the problem and reached the ending of the room at an advanced time merited equivalent points in their Performance Tasks.

Based on the support shown by the High School Unit, it was clear how Upsilon Mu Gamma was able to convey the significance of mathematics in real life. To inspire and to engage the students through a different experience were the goals in which the members were able to achieve because of the success of the activity. With this, it could be said how Upsilon Mu Gamma, through their focus on developing positive conceptualized environments, fostered growth mindsets and helped the students in developing their love and enthusiasm for math.

Math-ery Manila was an exciting, educational math activity with a goal of encouraging both teachers and students to develop their critical and analytical thinking skills and, at the same time, their leadership skills. It may not have become memorable because it was the first, but the club members believe that it left a mark on the image of how mathematics is represented. Nevertheless, skilled or challenged in math, the participants enjoyed the activity. It taught both students and teachers that the subject can be fun and real at the same time. 

That in all things, God may be glorified!

By Cylene Sabio, President, Upsilon Mu Gamma; Grade 12-St. Gertrude