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SSC Tanuan Farm is not just a Farm

October 26,2015

To the Science Department, the SSC farm in Tanuan ,  Batangas  is not just a farm. It is a place that abounds in opportunities for academic activities and environmental stewardship for the students and faculty.  Thus, the farm has become an extension of the department’s academic and outreach endeavors .

 Last October 10, 2015, Prof. Salve L. Dorado , Prof. Mary Ann Bautista and  BS Biology   students Justine  Detablan and Pamela Tolentino  conducted an ecological survey as an initial step for their research on vegetation analysis  and determination of physicochemical factors of the farm.  Four 10 x10 quadrants totaling 400 square meters were marked with transect lines to serve as the sites of the study. Within each quadrant, sub- quadrants for shrub and herb studies were designated.  The biotic parameters included in the study consist of plant relative density , frequency , relative frequency ,relative dominance , important value index, index of diversity, index of dominance ,species determination,  plant preservation and many more. The physicochemical parameters include relative humidity, air and soil temperature , soil types,  pH, texture, moisture, plasticity  and others . An identification of plants that attract butterflies was also done for the butterfly garden to be put up in the next ecological study. More activities and plans for the farm are in the making.

Thus, the SSC farm has been adopted by the Science Department as an ecological habitat for its place-based pedagogy in the teaching – learning process.  What better place is there to learn about nature, ecological concepts and the interplay and interdependence of all creatures if not in an ecosystem such as the SSC farm. Thanks to Sister Roselita, Sister Mary Emmanuel and Dean Charlie Azcuna for all the support they have given to the science department. 

by: Prof. Salve Lindio-Dorado