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SSC Psychology program ranked one of the 22 Best Psychology Schools in the Philippines for 2018

December 6,2018

The ranking of the best psychology schools in the Philippines for 2018 has been released, which currently featured only 22 out of 319 colleges and universities offering undergraduate programs in psychology.

According to Local Pulse (November 20, 2018), the list is based on the results of this year’s Psychometrician licensure examination in October and November (Baguio) plus other factors including accreditation status of the program and faculty-student ratio to find out which schools offering programs in psychology have the most valuable degree programs to produce batch of examinees with high psychometrician licensure examination passing rates.

Details of the list of the 22 schools can be viewed at   https://www.localpulse.net/education/top-schools/22-ranked-best-psychology-schools-in-the-philippines-for-2018-19738/