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SSC Music Festival 2015 Nostalgia and Joy in Keeping the Legacy of St. Baptista Battig Alive

November 13,2015

music festival 2015

The MUSIC FESTIVAL 2015, held last October 11, 2015, was a joyful event, as it rekindled the spirit of Scholastican camaraderie among alumni and music-loving friends. For us in the audience, it was a pleasure to witness students of our present faculty and alumni give their best, keeping the legacy of Sr. Baptista Battig of excellence alive. The ballet number from More than Dance, whose members are mostly Scholasticans, the SSC PREDIS Group, the SSC Guitar Ensemble and the SSC Chamber Orchestra, providing the finale for each of the four recital sessions, gave this year’s music festival an unpredictable interest. To top it all, the SSC Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of Prof. Juan A. Muñoz, sounded the last note and gave the gala program a grand and fitting finale.

It was a nostalgic experience to exchange stories while enjoying the well-planned meals, especially the “hit na hit” Manong Joel’s dirty ice cream.

What made this Fifth Music Festival inspiring and memorable was the cooperation, enthusiasm, sacrifice, united spirit and effort of everyone involved. The determination to make it happen and succeed, in spite of the last minute hitches, spelled the difference. We would also like to thank the parents for being one with us. Special thanks also goes to the Committee of Four: Marian S. de Vera, J Greg Zuniega, Kleirvene Deldo and yours truly in coordinating the event and for Geoffrey Uy, our ever loyal souvenir program designer.


By Nelia A. Mitra