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SSC joins International Coastal Cleanup 2014

March 11,2015

Beaming with joy and hope to restore the ocean’s health, a total of 37 teachers, staff, and SEP (Supplementary Education Program) community volunteers joined hundreds of other volunteers from government and non-government institutions to “turn the tide of trash” along Roxas Boulevard, Manila last September 27 for the annual International Coastal Clean-up.

The ICC is held every third week of September, spearheaded by Ocean Conservancy to engage citizens to remove trash and debris from beaches and waterways all around world, identify the sources of debris, and change the behavioral patterns that contribute to pollution. Last year, a total of 12, 329, 332 pounds of marine debris covering 12, 914 miles of beaches, waterways, and underwater areas were gathered. There are 152 participating countries in this endeavour dubbed “Million people clean-up”.

Since marine debris is a serious problem in marine and coastal environments, initiatives like this provide opportunity for local environmentally concerned and responsible individuals to demonstrate personal and social responsibility within the community.

Volunteers not only collect marine debris but record them. By understanding the debris collected in detail, scientists and ocean advocates will be able to determine the best remedies to improve the beaches, coastal regions, and nearby areas.

The event was first scheduled on September 20 but was postponed to September 27 due to typhoon Mario. International Coastal Cleanup Philippines is the national coordinator of Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup. 

By: Ms. Elen Alata
High School Faculty