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SSC at the International Coastal Clean- Up

September 23,2015

Once again, St. Scholastica’s College  displays  its unwavering support to help heal Mother Earth by participating in the Annual International Coastal Clean- Up Day held along Roxas Boulevard  Manila Bay coastal area last September 19, 2015. St. Scholastica’s College is one of the pioneers of this activity.

The BS Biology and Accounting students together with their professors, Ms. Salve Dorado, Mr. Ronnie Quiambao, Ms. Adryon Javier, and Dr. Michael Mesina, braved the heat of the sun and walked from SSC to Pedro Gil to reach Station 4 of the coastal area where they were assigned to do the clean-up. All the students and teachers conscientiously did their part in picking up all kinds of wastes consisting of plastics, soft drink cans, straws, broken bottles, old clothes, shoes and slippers, polystyrene (commonly known to people as Styrofoam) cups and other food containers and many other solid wastes. Unknown to those people who throw their wastes into the bodies of water, the plastics are mistaken by animals as food and cause choking. The dangers of polystyrene arise from its basic building block, Styrene, which causes cancer and harmful effects on the upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and nervous system. Environmental education is an important tool in healing and saving our deteriorating environment. Indeed, this activity will leave an imprint on the minds of the Scholasticans that there is nothing more fulfilling and meaningful than to be able to do something for Mother Earth. After all, caring for the environment is caring for humanity.

by Salve Lindio-Dorado