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SHLRM joins 2018 International Coastal Clean Up

October 18,2018

The volunteers for the Coastal Clean-up have been growing for the last 30 years. The International clean-up is scheduled every third Saturday of September. The said even’ts aim is to help spread people’s awareness in keeping our coastline clean and to preserve it for the next generation.

Last September 22, 2018, the class of the School of Hotel, Leisure and Restaurant Management (SHLRM) attended the 2018 International Coastal Clean-up that was held at Las Pinas- Paranaque Critical Habitat and Eco-Tourism Area.

There are three main reasons for holding the event which are, first, it provides data to the event holder by filling up their cards to record what they have found while picking up trash and etc. The information that they gather helps Ocean Conservancy and myriad other ocean and environmental organizations around the world identify the most harmful items of debris, and find ways to stop them from entering the ocean. Second, the clean-up is one way to get people involved and lastly, the international coastal clean–up is one easy way of giving back, the ocean provides so much to the consumers and taking care of it is one way to give back with what we got from it.

The clean-up engaged the students to witness the effects of marine debris first-hand. By making the students participate, they now see and know the impacts of their trash and more likely to think about the products they use, what they throw away and its implications for the environment.

By: Anne Hearty Irigon, 416A BS HRM