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SEP Palarong Pinoy 2014

October 8,2014

Marking it the most memorable day for all, August 22, 2014 was a very special day for both the Tanggapan ng Kalinga (TK) core members and the Supplementary Education Program (SEP) students of Santissima Trinidad community because it was Palarong Pinoy. First of all, there were countless endeavors made for the organization and preparation for the said activity. The success of the program was made possible because of the unifying teamwork of the core group to prepare all the things needed beforehand. As for the student involvement of the Scholasticans, the SEP volunteers, who were members of the sports club 1, 2, and 3, pep squad, and Red Cross also helped in the planning for the activity and for providing the prizes for the winners.

During the activity, the children were grouped randomly. They were enthusiastically sociable and eager to play with the other children since they were already acquainted with each other. The groups were named after Filipino heroes to let the children familiarize themselves with the true meaning of National Heroes Day and to remind us of their ardent love for our country. In order to maintain peace and order, the TK core were properly allocated to different levels to facilitate. Meanwhile, the SEP volunteers helped in tallying the scores in each game. For the children, the most remarkable station was when they made a cheer with the help of the pep squad members for it allowed them to describe themselves and their assigned hero. Concurrently, the Red Cross committee also took part by taking the blood pressures of the mothers of the SEP kids. Subsequently, the TK core totaled the scores after the games had finished and computed for the winners. The prize for the overall champions was a bag of candies for each and for the others a pencil. Finally after the program, there were food and drinks provided for all.

Joining in activities like this will give children the ultimate experience of delight and contentment from experiencing new things. These kinds of activities aim to give SEP students an appreciation of their blessings and a fruitful realization of the privileges that they have more than the children. But above all, this will allow them to detach themselves from their safe zones and to discover their true mission and calling in their lives.

By: Kristia Geneta
TK Student Core member SY 2014-2015