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SEP Christmas Party

January 7,2016

Christmas is a time when families gather and celebrate the coming of Jesus. It is for this reason that as one family, the Supplementary Education Program (SEP) Christmas Party was held last December 12 at the Kuniberta Hall. The SEP kids and Nanays from Santissima Trinidad Parish, the partner community of St. Scholastica’s College (SSC), together with the student volunteers attended the event which was made possible through the joint effort of the TK Core members, sponsoring clubs (Trips, Benedictine Circle, Music Ensemble, Sularaya, Glee Club, Young Entrepreneur Society and Information Technology Society), sponsoring classes (7-Hospitality Batch 2013-2014, 8-Ora Batch 2014-2015 and 9-Service Batch 2015-2016) and the Class Outreach Representatives (OSRs). Likewise, the presence of teacher-volunteers – Mr. Testa, Mr. Madridejos, Mr. Japon, Mrs. Espina and Mrs. Decipulo – made the event run smoothly. 

After opening the program with the paraliturgy headed by the Benedictine Circle and Music Ensemble, the SEP kids were divided into five groups each of which was assigned to a respective team leader who is a TK Core and who guided them during the various games wherein the SEP kids’ competitiveness became very evident. Among the activities prepared for them by the TK Core Members were Trip to Jerusalem, Christmas Carol, Obstacle Course and Name That Tune With A Twist. Prizes were also raffled and given in between games, both for the kids and the Nanays.

The different sponsoring clubs prepared performances that were presented while the kids had their snacks. Glee Club performed Thank You For the Love and Carol of the Bells, Sularaya performed Mek It Bunx and Pop and Music Ensemble sang Sana Ngayong Pasko and All I Want for Christmas is You. In line with this, special awards such as Best In Attendance, Most Active, Most Disciplined Team, Best Singer, and Best Dancer were also handed to SEP students.

Sr. M. Rosalina R. Fajardo, OSB, the Junior High School Principal gave a short message about the true essence of Christmas which is about the celebration of the Birth of Jesus. The Noche Buena Package, a product of the collaboration of the different classes, was then distributed both to the kids and the nanays by the OSRs. The activity ended with  a closing prayer lead by Ms. Tria, another TK Core member.

Everyone left the hall with smiles on their faces not simply because of the material gifts they had received but also because they all experienced the true essence of Christmas which was the sharing of the love that Christ called each one to do. Truly, Christmas becomes merrier because people have one another!

By Margarita Bautista, Tanggapan ng Kalinga (TK) Core Member