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SEP 1st Day

October 8,2014

The first Supplementary Education Program(SEP) tutorial for this year was held last August 8, 2014 at the Santisima Trinidad parish church. Since this was the first ever SEP tutorial for this school year, the materials and other requirements were already organized beforehand and were checked intensively by the Tanggapan ng Kalinga(TK) core. As for the student involvement of the Scholasticans, the SEP volunteers were from grade 9 Loyalty and Openness and grade 10 Righteousness. Even the advisers of these classes were asked to join the activity.

To begin with, there were no problems encountered regarding the checking of the attendance of the volunteers. The reply slips were complete and were passed beforehand. The weather also jibed with the activity, allowing the students to go to the Santisima Trinidad parish church without any difficulties. At the venue, the first task was to check the SEP students’ attendance. The SEP students were divided according to their grade levels. The year 4 TK core were not complete thus the attendance check was a little tumultuous. There were also a few anomalies that concerned the enlistment of a SEP student. Simultaneously, the volunteers were transferred to another room for a brief orientation about the tasks they will be doing.

Afterward, the volunteers and the SEP students already merged together. The volunteers were assigned to a certain number of SEP students that they will be teaching. During the orientation, the volunteers were instructed that if a SEP student brought their homework, they will be mentoring the kid, but if there were none, they will either teach the basic prayers that were provided by the TK core or let the SEP student answer the activity sheets provided by one of the classes. When everything else was already settled, the TK core maintained peace and order by patrolling around. The volunteers did an outstanding job of mentoring the SEP students and complied with all the guidelines aforementioned by the TK core.And alongside the tutorials, the SEP students were called one by one by the TK core for their ID picture taking for their SEP IDs. The SEP IDs will serve as their pass that needs to be shown to their corresponding level head in order for the student to attend the tutorial.

Later on, there were no struggles encountered while going back. Once they reached the school, the TK core facilitated the concluding remarks. Tired yet satisfied, the volunteers and all others were dismissed.

In the long run, the first day of SEP was arduous for everyone. The activity was a success and the efforts done by each and everyone was worth it. There are many more SEP tutorials for this school year and buoyantly, each would be significant to both the SEP students and volunteers. Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help. Count your blessings and do all things with love because nothing is exhausting when you love what you are doing.

By: Jill-Bea Anne A. Arena
TK Student Core member SY 2014-2015