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School of Business Huddle 2015: Together Again

September 5,2015

Huddle2015 NewsMeet new friends, make new friends, and take home some!”  That was the big message delivered by Dean Ramon Mañalac in his opening remarks to the all-year-level business students who attended the School of Business Huddle 2015 last 28 August 2015.  Held at the Kuniberta Hall, the Huddle 2015 is this year’s variant of the annual acquaintance affair in the School of Business.  The planning, organization and implementation of the event were directly handled by the five (5) academic student organizations in the School of Business through their respective Presidents dubbed as the Council of Business Leaders (COBL), in coordination with the Department Heads and the School Dean.

The 350-strong business students dined and underwent an hour long exercise of networking huddle that enabled each participant to meet and make friend with at least nine (9) other individuals. Using facsimile business calling cards given to each participant, a 3-minute know each other window was provided for every pair to get acquainted with each other. Then each one turns to another person for another 3-minute know each other conversation.  It was not all work though, the event was jazzed up by some entertainment numbers rendered by class section 206 singing group, Finance majors dance group, among others.  A number of door prizes were also given away which included early-bird arrival, best shoes, best performer, and best-dressed participant.

The finale number that brought the house down was the X-Box 360 inspired Problem Just Dance 2015 performance of the faculty members, Department Chairs, Dean Remedios Ching, Dean Ramon Mañalac and the 5 Presidents of the student organizations.   This inspired the rest of the students to dance to the beat of the music and turned into a flashmob of jolly and friendly crowd.  There is no question that the Huddle 2015 affair more than accomplished its goal.  That in all things, God is glorified.