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School of Business Faculty Joins Editorial Boards of Two Prestigious International Journals

November 14,2014

FC00068Dr. Ralph Sabio, Chairperson of the Business Management Department of the School of Business was recently invited to join the editorial boards of Journal of Information Technology and Business Management (JITBM) and Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research (JLTER).  Both open access international journals, the portals support and uphold quality researches all over the world and provides platform for publication of outstanding works in international journal standard.

As seen in its website the JLTER has been established for the dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge in the fields of learning, teaching and educational research. The main objective of this journal is to provide a platform for educators, teachers, trainers, academicians, scientists and researchers from over the world.  In the same token, the JITBM focuses on research works in the fields of management and information technology.

Understanding the significance of quality research work, the two international journals ensure that “dedicated and experienced teams of editors review the research papers keenly to maintain the high quality and International scholarly standard of journal publication”.  The website addresses of the journals are www.jitbm.com and www.jitbm.com.

By: Prof. Ramon Mañalac
Dean, School of Business