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School of Busines holds Summer Workshop on BSBA Revisit

April 7,2015

BSBA Summer Workshop 2Hoping to address uncertainties due to the impact of the K-12 implementation, the School of Business Department Heads convene on 21 April 2015 for a workshop to revisit its business program offering. It can be recalled that the immediate consequence of the senior high school program is the passing on of the some general education and general business subjects from the college curriculum to the senior high school. This in effect releases substantial academic units from the college curriculum. 

To be facilitated by Dean Ramon R. Mañalac, the workshop aims to assess the state of subject offering-faculty loading in the next 5 or more years which should provide the Department Heads with a forecast of their faculty requirements, among others.

BSBA Summer Workshop 1Another goal of the workshop is to examine the existing course components for relevance, completeness, and alignment in the context of post K-12 year level expectations.  This will give the Chairs the opportunity to identify areas of improvement in their curriculum.  Subsequently, new subject offerings may be justified preparatory to enhanced professional subjects in the majoring year levels notwithstanding basic business subjects completed in the senior high school level.

The workshop is culminated with an exercise for the Department Heads to recognize their respective competitiveness which they can translate into an effective marketing image.

The workshop venue is the Fridenshaus School Hotel with the services provided by the Hotel and Restaurant students of the St. Scholastica’s College.  The Departments Chairs participants are Prof. Delia Sarmiento (BISM), Dr. Ralph Sabio (BM), Prof. Robert Robang (IBEAD), Prof. Eliezer Francisco (FM) and Prof. Jerry Cocabo Yao (MM).

By: Prof. Ramon Mañalac
Dean, School of Business