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Scholasticans campaign for release of Nigerian High School Girls

July 8,2014

The new school year 2014-2015 officially opened, invoking the guidance of the  Holy Spirit in a Eucharistic celebration on Friday, June 27, 2014 with the theme: SAVE EDUCATE EMPOWER!  #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS,” a plea to the peoples of the world to uphold the right of girls to education. 

The Scholastican community gathered, calling attention of nations to free more than 200 Nigerians girls abducted by the extremist Islamic group from the Government Secondary School in Northern Nigeria, Chibok City in April 2014.

Sister Mary Frances Dizon, O.S.B., Acting President and Vice-President for Administrative Affairs read the statement on SSC-Manila’s affirmation to the right of girls to education.  In the statement, she echoed the sentiment and commitment of the institution to “make the world resound our battle cry: SAVE EDUCATE EMPOWER. SAVE our Nigerian sisters, EDUCATE all young girls and EMPOWER all young women. Let us all extend our hands in prayer and action for the freedom and right of girls to education.” Afterwards, the hash tag movement signage with hand painted design was unveiled by the school administrators and the student leaders.

 As a Benedictine school for the Lord’s service in solidarity with the global community for equal opportunity to education, thousands of Scholasticans from the grade school, high school and college levels carrying placards that read: “SAVE, EDUCATE AND EMPOWER # BRNG BACK OUR GIRLS” lined up along the streets outside the campus chanting the slogan while thumping their fists to free the Nigerian school girls and encouraging motorists to honk their car horns in solidarity.

With this advocacy and by the grace of God, the right of girls to education become a reality that in all things He maybe glorified.

By: Sr. Rosalina Fajardo, OSB
High School Principal