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Recruitment Week 2014

July 26,2014

The Recruitment Week marks the official start for all organization activities in the college unit was held July 9-11 at the Sr. Kuniberta Strathman Hall and Organization Office. Interested student had a wide range of choices from Academic / Co-Curricular Organizations like Art Society (ARTSOC), Business Information and Technolgy Society (BITS), Communication Society (COMMSOC), Congregation pro Vita Scientia (CVS), Economics Organization (ECONORG), Education Society (EDSOC), Junior Philippine Institute of Accounts (JPIA), Junior Association of Management (JAM), Junior Marketing Association (JMA), Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX), Junior Restaurant and Hoteliers’ Association (JRHA), Junior Philippine Association of Nutrionists (JPAN), Philippine Graphics and Animation (PHICSAMATION), Political Science Society (Polis), Society of Musicians (SoM), and Psychology Society (PSYCHOC) to Interest Organizations like Association of Athletes (A of As), Danz Edge, Christian Community Development (CCD),Environment Society (EnviSoc), College Choir and Sining Tanghalan.  

Different organizations presented their Disney-themed booths. They prepared fun-filled games and activities, freebies, foods and some member suit up in their costumes to attract students to register. Professors in-charge of the different academic organizations also actively participated in this fun filled week.

On the third day, CommSoc, JPIA and ArtSoc were awarded Best Booths; JAM, JFINEX, SoM and JRHA were awarded Best Theme Execution Booths; JPAN was awarded the Most Environment Friendly Organization Office Booth; Polis as the Most Resourceful Booth, and CVS, Best Gimmik Award.

Truly, the different organizations have a lot in store for their members this academic year!

By: College Student Council