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Proposed Statements for the Revised TECO, presented

August 28,2015


The institution has been working on the revision of the Teacher’s Evaluation through Classroom Observation (TECO) since February 2014. This is an off-shoot of the Institutional Faculty Appraisal instrument that was also worked on and proposed by the Adhoc Committee on Faculty Performance Appraisal.

Each academic unit (GS, HS, and College) is represented and Dr. Richard Pulmones and Sr. Mary Vincent Feliciano, OSB sit with the committee as consultants.

On June 1, 3, and 23, the proposed statements for the revised TECO were presented to the faculty of Junior High School, Grade School and College, respectively. Comments were noted and will be discussed in the next committee meeting in preparation for the pilot running of the instrument. 

by Prof. Virginia Fornias, Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs