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Prof. Salve L. Dorado Speaks at CESSPA Congress

December 16,2015

Prof. Salve Lindio-Dorado was invited as a speaker at the CESSPA Congress held in Cebu city last November 20, 2015.  CESSPA stands for Cebu Secondary Schools Principals’ Association and is an association of principals from different schools of the various provinces and towns of Cebu city.  The congress was participated in by about 120 administrators, science coordinators and teachers coming from different places of Cebu.

The topics discussed by Prof. Dorado were “The 21st Century Teaching- Learning Environment“ and “Differentiated Instruction.” In the first lecture, Dorado emphasized the why, who, what and how of the 21st century teaching –learning process. There is a need to make changes in the curriculum, strategies, approaches and many others to respond to the various changes of our times – changing world, changing technology, changing ways to access information, changing perspectives, changing natural environment, changing lifestyle and changing classrooms. The various sectors involved in education namely the officials, parents, administrators, teachers, and foremost, the students must be flexible and open and supportive of these changes. The officials must be at the forefront to create a socio-economic-political, cultural and ethical environment that will provide opportunities for the learners to maximize the realization of their potentials. Differentiated instruction is best taught through various activities customized to the different learning styles and needs of the learners.  The 4Cs of the 21st century, namely, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creation were the highlights of the one- day seminar.

 By Prof. Salve L. Dorado, College Faculty