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Preschool’s Sensory Tour

October 21,2019

The Preschool classrooms were transformed into magical places last September 25 and 26. Vibrant and glow-in-the-dark artworks, musical instruments, feely boxes, tasty fruits, vegetables, and other food items and other materials with varying smells filled the Preschool area during the two-day Sensory Tour. All the pupils got to use and explore their five senses as they move from one room to another. The numerous hands-on activities which were planned and prepared by the Preschool teachers aimed at making the Preschoolers be more familiar with their senses and how they work, discover more things around them and eventually try new things, and show ways of taking care of their body parts. Each pupil had her/his favorite area which s/he cheerfully talked about and shared even days after the said activity.

by Ms. Malana, Preschool Head Teacher