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“Piso mo, tulong mo”

January 18,2016

Annually, the OP & PS Staff Association organizes a Christmas outreach program for the children from GK Onyx, Manila and Napindan, Taguig.  Part of it is bringing them to Manila zoo and Museo Pambata. Last year, the officers of the Association thought of going to institutions, such as Philippine General Hospital (PGH), for the staff’s Christmas outreach. A fundraiser entitled: “Piso mo, tulong mo” was organized, which intended to help the cancer patients or those with severe illness raise more money for their medical needs. Peso by peso, the activity allowed the community to be of service to those in need.

Through coordination of Ms. Elena Real, the President of the Staff Association with Dr. Jose Gonzales, Director of PGH, 20 members from the group volunteered to go to PGH last December 22, 2015. They visited 17 patients diagnosed with cancer and leukemia in the special ward. Supplies, such as syringe, plaster, cotton, alcohol and towel were donated and distributed to the patients.

Patients confined in Pediatric wards 9 and 11 were also beneficiaries of the “Piso mo, tulong mo”. Biscuits, cupcakes and mineral water for their merienda were given, bringing smiles to the patients. Even their companions were grateful for the visit. Their faces were marked with happiness and renewed hope to keep battling their illness and the pain they feel in each injection of dextrose, taking of blood samples, and in cleaning wounds on their body.

Patients in PGH were not the only ones who benefitted from the outreach. Four of our co-workers in the Scholastican community were helped financially for their continued medication and chemotherapy.

After the visit in PGH, most of us got a little teary-eyed and emotional. We all had one reflection: If the weak keep fighting and hoping, the lucky ones who are strong and have fewer problems should not lose hope. We all wished that more will be given help and not only during the season of Christmas.

By Ms. Gale S. Arrosa