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PGCA President talks about Current Trends and Issues in Guidance and Counseling to Fourth Year BS Psychology Students

January 11,2018

Last November 22, 2017, Dr. Shiela Marie Hocson, President of Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association (PGCA), delivered a talk on  the current issues and trends in Guidance and Counseling during the Principles of Guidance class of  Prof. Angelbert Hernandez.

Dr. Hocson discussed about recent developments in the field not only in the Philippines but also in different parts of the world. She also presented the newly revised American Counseling Association Code of Ethics (2014) and the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies Framework which explains how professional counselors must treat their clients accordingly, emphasizing respect for individuality and acceptance. Dr. Hocson also highlighted on the different researches and professional experiences pertaining to the challenges and issues faced by professional counselors in the country.

In addition, as president of PGCA, she also reported on the status of the profession in the country and showed the class the initiatives done by the organization to improve the practice of guidance and counseling in the Philippines. She also showed some of the accomplishments done by the organization such as the signing of Mutual Recognition of PGCA to the Australian Counseling Association, proposed salary grade of guidance counselors and the theme for the May 2018 PGCA National Conference.

According to Dr. Hocson, “the road is sure to be challenging because we are living in the age of disruption, yet guidance and counseling as a profession continues to be inspiring, for it allows an individual to help and to touch other people’s lives”. Lastly, she pointed out that to be a guidance counselor, one must have the heart, the empathy and the passion to help others.

Hearing all of these from Dr. Hocson opened our eyes to the possibility of building our career as future guidance counselors. It also increased our awareness on how crucial and essential the role of guidance counselors is, not only on improving mental health but also in nation building.

BS Psychology /AB Guidance and Counseling Majors – 401C