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Palarong Pinoy @ SSC

September 20,2014

In celebration of the “Buwan ng Wika”  last August 22, the SSC community were gathered to experience the fun and excitement playing the different Philippine games like Patintero, Hilaan ng Lubid, Karera ng hadlang, Basag-palayok, Namalenke si Maria, and Juego de Anillo. The said Philippine games were participated not only by students and teachers from different units but also by school administrators, Sisters, office personnel and our manongs and manangs. The traditional Philippine games showcase the playing skills and strategies of the different teams participated in the event.  Speed, strength, agility, cooperation and teamwork were the winning tactics of those who won in the different games.

The “Palarong Pinoy” was really fun and light way that instilled the values of simplicity, unity and  togetherness among the Scholastican community. Students were not the only one who showed competitiveness and toughness but even our Sister President Mary Thomas Prado, Sister Celine Saplala, Sr. Zita Jamisola and some school administrators as they participated in Patintero and Hilahan ng Lubid which were enjoyed not only by players but even by the spectators watching the thrill and fun.

Indeed, the celebration of Buwan ng Wika @SSC through playing simple Philippine games has revived the spirit of unity, camaraderie and cooperation across all units, a traditional activity that should be carried on every year to strengthen team building, togetherness and family relationships within the school setting.

By: Ms. Encarnita Deveraturda
College PE Faculty

Photos by: Ms. Lea Habitan
Ms. Michelle Valdriz-Juan
Joe Macaraeg