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Other than I-Other

September 1,2015

Self-Other International Conference
Far Eastern University Institute of Arts and Sciences
August 5, 2015

The Self-Other Conference (Understanding our Human Connections, Forging Solidarity, Strengthening Community) is an International Solidarity Conference held on August 5, 2015 at Far Eastern University Institute of Arts and Sciences.


It was a gathering of philosophic minds discussing the tensions inherent in I-Other relations. Prof. Lorraine Llagas and Dr. Alma Espartinez participated in the said conference with the latter as Reactor to the Dr. Peter Gan’s (Universiti Sains Malaysia) paper with the title, “Hopefully, Other Than Other.”

Here’s an excerpt of Dr. Espartinez’s reaction:  Dr. Peter Gan’s paper is brilliant work of rethinking the relation that exist between the self and other from the perspective of hope pervading the self when it confronts death.  It’s a different take on the I-You relation that refuses thematization into any of these categories: harmony, subjugation and dichotomy.  The paper explores the move from an ethos of ambiguity to an ethos of optimism suffusing today’s language of hope with new vigor, albeit talking about death.

As a whole, the conference was successful in forging solidarity among schools in continuing Self-Other Conferences by taking turns in organizing such event. University of Asia & the Pacific is planning to hold one next year. Will St. Scholastica’s College be far behind?

By Dr. Alma Espartinez