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Orienting our COVs with Benedictine Values

May 26,2014

Last May 19, 2014, the College Outreach Center (COC) led by Sr. Emmanuel Espera, OSB sponsored a seminar orientation for the community volunteers that represented the partner communities of the school, namely, Napindan and Bagong Tanyag, Taguig City; Sun Valley, Paranaque City; Onyx and Pandacan, Manila City. The seminar’s agenda was to tackle and share the life of St. Benedict, as one of the patron saints of the school, and to elaborate more on the 10 Benedictine Hallmarks of the Benedictine Education, as a partner community of a Benedictine Institution. The activity had 16 delegate volunteers representing each community. The venue of the seminar was the St. Scholastica’s Archives Museum’s Conference Hall, Subiaco, St. Scholastica’s College.

The seminar’s aim was to prepare the community volunteers for the beginning of the NSTP and LA Program for the new semester. This preparation, like in the past years, involves an evaluation of the past programs and team building activities to develop active participation among the volunteers. Being the first activity held for the new school year, this would guide them in the projects and activities that would follow.

By: Ms. Gale Arrosa
NSTP Facilitator