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Night Secondary School (NSS) Intramurals 2015

February 18,2015

On the 30th of January 2015, the 2nd JPIA-Sponsored Night Secondary School (NSS) Intramural was held. The whole population of the NSS Students participated and watched the different games and events on that day. The intramural started with a parade of the 2 teams, White and Blue, at the College Gym at 1:00PM. After the parade, the two masters of ceremony, Anjonette Pangilinan and Mara Cabanero, ran a short program. There was an amazing intermission number by the Danz Edge to start the ball rolling for the NSS Students. The oath of sportsmanship was led by Association of Atheletes’ External Vice President, Yani Mat’hana and the intramural was officially opened by Sr. Consilio Napi, OSB, NSS Principal.

After the intramural was officially opened, the players of different events were sent off to their assigned arenas. First events were basketball, which was held at the gym and headed by the Association of Athletes officers, and volleyball which was in the cemented area, which was headed by the volleyball varsity players. The NSS students also enjoyed the different field games which were, Obstacle Relay, Sack Race and Tug of War, all of which were well-cheered by both teams. There were also board games, but only Scrabble was attended by both teams.

For the last, and most-awaited event, the Cheerdance Competition, there were 2 judges from the Faculty of the College PE Department and 1 judge who is currently the coach of our very own St. Scho Scions College Pep Squad. For this event, the students weren’t grouped by color, rather they were grouped according to their grade level. Among the participants were, Grades 7, 8 and 9 and 4th and 5th year levels. All teams showed great performances which was an obvious sign that this event was what they were looking forward to the most.

At the end of the intramural, the White Team prevailed and won, by only one point over the blue team, the Over-all Champion title. For the cheerdance, the Grade 8 students won, having garnered an average score of 93.67%.

This event was facilitated by the JPIA Executive Board with the help of the Association of Athletes and the College PE Department. 

By: Anjonette Isabel Pangilinan
JPIA Member