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Memory Lectures

April 25,2014

The College Unit held its first ever Memory Lecture on April 4, 2014 at the Caridad Barrion Hall.  The concept was taken from (drawn from) the Last Lecture Series popular among universities in the United States and Canada.

There is no standard version of the “Last Lecture.” There is no prescribed format or pre-determined boundaries as to the choice of topic and how the lecture will be delivered. An individual institution has its own “tone and flavor”- some lectures are scientific and scholarly, some are light and humorous, but often, the speakers are encouraged to deliver something outside their usual discipline.  Whatever the “tone and flavor” of the lecture may be, the same underlying theme is common:  the lecturer prepares his/her lecture in response to this : IF YOU KNOW THIS IS THE LAST LECTURE  YOU WOULD EVER GIVE, WHAT WOULD YOU SHARE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE – STUDENTS AND COLLEAGUES?

Instead of the Last Lecture, we chose to name our version as The Memory Lecture and it is part of the retirement ritual that the college unit is establishing. The speakers are faculty members who are retiring after each school year.  The choice of topic for the lecture, to be delivered to the academic community of the college unit, is entirely up to the speaker. The speakers are also encouraged to speak on topics outside their usual area of expertise, to share experiences and insights that they have gathered and learned throughout their interesting and successful careers.

Two retirees delivered their Memory Lectures- Dean Ramon Manalac, Dean of Business and Dr. Amelia Tuble, Faculty of the Institute of Hotel, Leisure and Restaurant Management- on two very diverse topics.  Dean Manalac’s talk was entitled: “In My Life: There are Places I Remember” where he shared his experiences on how management principles are applied to travel. Dr. Tuble’s topic was entitled: A Competency Model for Entry Level Hotel Practitioners,” a model she developed for the use of Human Resource Managers in the hotel industry. 

Judging from the reaction of the audience, The Memory Lecture was a success. Future retirees were heard planning their own memory lecture in the years to come.

By: Dr. Remedios Ching,
Dean of College