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Martial Law Exhibit

October 12,2015

martial law exhibit

We, the second year Political Science students, were assigned to do an exhibit about Martial Law for the opening of the Social Sciences week. We instantly came up with the idea to create a timeline of events regarding Martial Law. We researched about Ferdinand Marcos, his background, the events that happened before, during, and after Martial Law. Special thanks to the internet and to the books in St Scholastica’s College of Manila library! Since social media is an integral part of our lives, we thought of exhibiting Martial Law ala Facebook timeline.  In line with the Social Sciences week theme “Scholasticans as Stewards of History and Social Justice”, our mission as Political Science students is to be reminded and to spread the knowledge about Martial Law. It is important to know history, and Martial Law is a one of the bitter parts of history. As future leaders, we are taught what is wrong with Martial Law. We are taught what should and should not be done in leading a group, or even our country.

by Karen Villanueva, ABPOL2