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Mang Tani Talks about the Weather with SSC Graders

October 21,2014

Nathaniel Cruz, widely known as Mang Tani, gave a talk that was attended by the Grades 4-6 pupils last September 30, 2014 at the Sr. Kuniberta Hall. The Grade School Science teachers invited Mang Tani, the reporter for GMA 7’s IMReady weather forecast, to give young Scholasticans an introduction to meteorology as part of the celebration of the Science Week.

Among many things, Mang Tani talked about tools for weather prediction like wind vanes and barometers, the process of creating a forecast, and the meanings of typhoon warning signals and color-coded flood warning signals. He asked the audience, “What is the main purpose of meteorology?” and a fourth-grader answered, “To warn people.” Indeed, Mang Tani encouraged Scholasticans to monitor the weather by watching the news or listening to radio reports. He asked Scholasticans to do their part to ensure people’s safety. Without reliable weather reports and adequate preparation, mortality rates could be high during typhoons.

Attending the talk was a privilege for Scholasticans. They became aware of important warnings made by weather forecasters and also learned what they should do during typhoons.

By: Karuna Mansukhani
Grade 6 St. Odilo