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Lovely Salazar made her way to the Top 10 at the NFJPIA NCR Cup

August 4,2014

10387198_799306040080939_4959469723989693543_oLovely April Salazar, 5th year Accountancy student and Student Council President was one of the ten students who got the highest scores at the elimination round of the Theory of Accounts at the NFJPIA NCR Cup held last July 27, 2014 at the SGV Office in Makati.

After answering thirty questions at the Elimination Round with ten questions from the Easy Round, Average Round and Difficult Round of the Theory of Accounts, Salazar was able to finish 7th place enabling her to participate in the Finals Round wherein she not only had to prove her knowledge in Theory of Accounts but also had to show her skills in making strategies. The Finals Round is a race through the finish line where all finalists have different “powers” to use to win the first place.

Unfortunately, Salazar was not able to bring home the gold medal but what is important is that she was able to take her place among the top ten finalists of the Theory of Accounts Quizbee. Sheila Mae Landayan from Centro Escolar University Manila won the said quizbee.