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Letting out our inner musician

February 29,2016

Specializing in any field or so doesn’t just settle with you knowing and being capable of the things related to it, but by understanding it by heart professionally. The same goes with studying and playing music. Being a musician is not just about strumming or bowing your strings, pressing the keys on the piano, blowing the horn and more; there’s more to it.

The members of the organization, Music Ensemble, had a pang of inspirations as former moderator of the said club, Mr. Kriss Eusebio willingly gave a talk to the students about being a professional musician. This small gathering took place last January 6, 2015. Mr. Eusebio pointed out different key points a musician should know by heart. These include the right conduct and etiquette one should know during performances and rehearsals. He also gave us tips on how to maximize the rehearsal time given to us, in order for the group to remain productive all the times. His emphasis on the do’s and don’ts of a true musician was the highlight of his talk, for the students definitely picked up lessons they would remember for a lifetime. One of the most striking activities done during the talk was when Mr. Eusebio asked each one of the students the reason why they music. Shockingly, some didn’t know what to answer, while some weren’t really serious with their response. This talk opened the eyes of many for it showed the students how their responsibilities and duties as a musician must be done and brought up to the best of their abilities. As the talk nearing to a close, the speaker wrapped it up by asking each of the club’s officers to voice out their suggestions and concerns to bring out the best in the club in the coming years.

Truly, Mr. Eusebio’s speech was essential to the future musicians of the club. In the end, the students hopefully found in their hearts the real reason why music is part of their lives. Being a musician is easy. It’s as simple as playing a note, no matter how bad or good it sounds like, for the beauty of music depends on the listener. But, being a successful musician is harder because it requires time and effort to get a full grasp of it. But most especially, it requires one to have a heart for music.

by: Irish Marie Ilagan, Vice President of Music Ensemble