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“Cook-off with Leonardo Da Vinci”

October 28,2019

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Nov 5 & 14, 2019

On the occasion of the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, cultural events throughout the world will remember and celebrate the multi-faceted genius and icon of the Renaissance.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Italian Association, the Italian Embassy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines have joined hands to organize a program of cultural and artistic activities in Metro Manila aimed at remembering and spreading knowledge of Leonardo da Vinci and the relevance of his achievements in our contemporary world. The “Cook-off with Leonardo” is an important part of this program.

Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his world-famous paintings, sculptures and numerous inventions, many of which were centuries before their time. It comes as a surprise to almost everyone when they discover that his first and only real love had nothing to do with his talent with a brush, chisel or his genius in designing and building machines. As a small boy, Leonardo’s father remarried with a young lady whose family had a bakery. Leonardo was a chubby boy, loved to eat and he spent hours in the kitchen learning how to cook. Later on as a teenager, while attending a school for the arts and needing spending money, he found work at a restaurant on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence called Le Tre Lumache (The Three Snails). There he worked as an assistant cook and eventually, due to the unexplained poisoning over a period of time of the twenty cooks who worked there, became head cook. He would even in this “art” show his need to develop/invent a concept that is very similar to Nouvelle Cuisine. Unfortunately, patrons of the restaurants did not appreciate the minimalist approach to the food they were served. His passion for the culinary arts will continue thought his life. It is not a well-known fact that he preferred to cook more than he did to paint or sculpt. Many of his early inventions were all thought of to make things easier for cooks in the kitchen.
This cooking contest wanted to be known as Leonardo da Vinci “Master Cook”. The theme of this cooking contest will be cooking as it was done in Leonardo da Vinci’s time, the Renaissance period.