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Languages and Literature Lollapalooza

March 9,2015

For this year’s activity for students in line with the Languages and Literature Week celebration, the Lollapalooza Quiz Bee was held at the Social Hall. The elimination round, held on February 4, was participated in by 39 pairs composed of first and second year college students. Nine pairs then moved to the final round which was held last February 13.  Questions ranged from easy, average, and difficult levels covering topics on Literature, English grammar, and Filipino.

Each pair had two chances of spinning the magic wheel in which each section has corresponding points and question. The use of the wheel added to the excitement of the game. First year Mass Communication students, Jasmine Alexandria Jamisola and Mari Julienne Therese Janolo, emerged as the Lollapalooza champions.

By: Dr. Irish Sioson
Languages & Literature Department